Want an Ideal Environment for Learning – Moodle is Your Best Bet!

moodle-bannerMoodle is considered as one of the most popular online learning content management system (CMS) in modern times. Its a free and open-source, with active support still going on and can help teachers to take their online teaching to next level.

Using Moodle, you can select the theme at various levels: for the entire website, for the course or solely for a user; but the Moodle site needs to be configured to allow changes to those levels. The pages are addressable individually, which means that you can select any item more precisely through the CSS. Any new module can be automatically included in any sheet, by telling Moodle which style is needed. There is also an option to base a theme on another, by creating variations of the original.

Moodle has a number of explicit tutorials on how you can create your own theme, and it specifies that its best to base the new theme on one of the standard Moodle themes. Because, if modifying someone elses theme, the two might overlap during the update. For distributing a new theme, one must zip it and submit it to the themes database.hire-moodle-developer

Moodle lets you create an online community where students can share their experience and questions online. There are numerous modules such as wikis, forums and databases that integrate smoothly with Moodle. All these can enrich the online learning experience drastically.

You can readily find plugins contributed by users to further extend Moodle functionality. There are add-ons to improve course enrollment, provide syndication function to distribute course content on other media platforms, you can create word or math games as assessment method, and many useful functions. You can also create your own plugins, because Moodle is open-source with no encryption.

Because of all this Moodle has become a leading platform for online course management. Still, setting up Moodle and using the built-in functions can be difficult for less tech-savvy people.

If you wish to explore the powers of Moodle, you should consider invest in a Moodle tutorial training that delivers!

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